Hi, I'm

Hi, I'm


Hi, I'm Abdelhafidh Belalia (aka: Spirit77), 19 years old.

Nothing special, I'm just like you :)

ESGEE 2017--Current

Still studying,, :(
ESGEE stands for Ecole Superieure en Genie Electrique et Energetique.
USTO 31000 Oran, Algeria.

Bacalorios --2017

Achieved in 2017 (at the age 17)
Mean: 14.68/20
Frenda, Tiaret, Algeria.

YALA GROUP September 2015--Current

Private Limited Company [UK]
Company Number: 11140718
Complete Web Solutions.

TSIDZ June 2015--September 2015

Registered Company [DZ]
Company Number: NA
Webhosting Solutions.

Communication - 70%

well, I'm not the type of guy who talks much

Leadership - 85%

with great power comes great responsibility

Confidence - 95%

too selfish

Patience - 75%

age of speed

HTML5 / CSS3 - 75%

I'm not a designer, but i do well

Javascript - 85%

can't say the same for Java lol

PHP - 90%

hell yea!

C / C++ - 70%

i do what i love and i love what i do

Funny facts:

  • My lifetime friend is my keyboard
  • I'm in a relationship with coffee
  • Between money and love, I choose coffee
  • Chocolate or Vanilla? Chocolate
  • I can move my ears
  • I can't drive or ride a bike
  • My favorite music genres are Trance, Techno & House
  • My all time favourite number is the number 7
  • My hnad-writnig sucks